Sports Clubs 2013-14


MARCH 2014


Congratulations to ‘Park Hill Dance Crew’, who came 1st place in the dance competition held at Bishop Challoner.
Park Hill’s newest dance crew brings a fresh, vibrant and modern style of dance to the table and consists of 14 children, led by Miss King.
Keyarnie Tulloch of 5R wowed the crowd with his amazing freestyle performance and managed to scoop 1st place in the freestyle dance.
We are extremely proud to be a part of this amazing dance team!!



Cricket Competition on Tuesday 13th May 2014


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Cricket tournament

On Tuesday 13th May, Year 5 children had the opportunity to participate in a cricket tournament at Kings Heath Cricket Club. 

 Eight children from Year 5 were selected to travel by bus with Mr Khan, the Learning mentor, to the Cricket Ground.  The bus journey was an experience in itself; the children enjoyed traveling on public transport.  Once they arrived at the ground they were greeted by the organisers and given instructions and time schedule for the day.  It was lovely to see other schools from within the South Birmingham catchment area.

 Their first game was against Cotteridge Primary School.  It was an intense affair as it was the first game; the children started off nervously but soon rose to the challenge and raised their performance, showing the Park Hill spirit.  Park Hill eventually won after chasing down a competitive score set by Cotteridge Primary School.

 The second game was against St Albans Primary School.  Another challenging task, but with teamwork and lots of grit and determination, Park Hill children rose once again to the challenge and chased down a very competitive score and won the match. Park Hill had won two out of two matches and the children knew that with one more win they could play in the final. 

 After the lunch break the children resumed and got on the way with the third match; the semi-final. The match was against Robin Hood Primary School.  This school was also unbeaten and had won the first two matches. The pressure and intensity could be felt but there was a lot of spirit to be seen from both teams.  Once again Park Hill was set a target which was by no means a small target.  Park Hill, with some outstanding teamwork, determination and excellent skill, achieved the task of chasing down a huge score and achieved victory.  A proud moment for each individual and the school; Park Hill had reached the final!

 The final was an occasion that even Mr Khan had not anticipated but the children had achieved it with grit, determination and lots of skill.  The final was against Springfield School.  Wow! What a game! Both teams gave it everything and put everything on the line.  Sadly, after such a close encounter, Springfield Primary School took the honours and achieved the victory.  The coach from Springfield school complimented the children of Park Hill School and said he was amazed at their skill levels and their behaviour.  The children were well mannered and represented Park Hill School in a very positive way.  We are very proud of them all.

 The Year 5 children who went to the tournament were:

 Keyarni – Emmanuel Tulloch      5R

Rayann Hussain                          5R

Akif Ali                                          5R

Muhammad Taalib                       5R

Imran Ahmed                               5R

Ateeq Rehman                             5R

Junaid Arshad                                5R

Adam Shabaan                              5R



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