Black History 2016-17


Black History Week This week we are celebrating Black History Week in school.  Each year group is researching information on the following people and will present to others in their phase later in the week.  Every class in the school will enjoy some African dancing at some point this week and, of course, we will all be dressing up for £1 (towards our Gambia appeal) tomorrow.

Reception = Mae C Jemison

Year 1 = Benjamin Zephaniah

Year 2 = Maya Angelou

Year 3 = Dr Maggie Arderin-Pocock

Year 4 = Paul Gilroy

Year 5 = Booker T Washington

Year 6 = Daniel Hale Williams




After learning about Mae Jemison, the students in RL have high hopes and astronomical aspirations





2G are excited for their African Dance workshop


Year 6 enjoying African Dance



Year 6 girls have got the moves – African Dance



4S Dressing up as Graduates



5B are dancing it up in Black History Week


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