Environment Club 2015-16

BBC Gardeners’ World Live show

Our Midsummer Nights Dream barrow

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The first rose to flower in our 60th Anniversary rose garden

environment 2



Planting for Gardeners’ World Live project



environment 4     environment 3   ENVIRONMENT 1




  January 2016

“The Environment Club have been busy clearing

our wildflower meadow in readiness for spring.”


February 2016

Last week we visited a local neighbour’s garden

and learnt how to plant lettuce and broad bean

seeds.  We also found some tadpoles and two large –

and very fast – frogs in the ponds!  Sadly, they were

too fast to for us to take any photos.

IMG_6346         IMG_6345

April 2015

With the help of our local expert gardener, Sheila Fawkes,

we have planted some wildflower seeds in our meadow;

by early summer we should be seeing a blaze of colour and

plenty of wildlife such as butterflies coming to feed upon

the nectar of the flowers.”


 IMG_1779   IMG_2153
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