Park Hill School Uniform


At Park Hill we feel that wearing uniform gives children a sense of belonging and pride in our school. the school log was designed by a past pupils of this school.


School uniform consists of:


  • red jumper/sweatshirt or cardigan
  • a white shirt or polo shirt
  • black trousers/skirt
  • black school shoes


For PE, children are expected to wear:


  • a plain white T shirt (without a logo)
  • a pair of black shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms
  • trainers for outdoor lessons, with black pumps for indoor PE.


School uniform should be labelled with the child’s name and class


For children who wear Salwar Kameez:

  • a plain navy or black salwar kameez
  • Head scarves can be white, navy or black


School uniform Head scarves—Health and safety


Some pupils are wearing long scarves that are wrapped around their head and fastened with a pin. For health and safety reasons, children must wear smaller scarves that are closer fitting without pins.


School shoe


Children must come to school in black school shoes and not trainers to ensure that our children have healthy feet. Trainers are to be worn for PE and for sports clubs only

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