School Trips

School Trip 2017-18


 Date Year Group Visit Details
 Thursday 22nd


99+ 100%


100% Attendance Treat

Animals in hand

 Friday 29th


Best attending

classes in school

Lego Workshops
 October Year 4 Birmingham Museum for Anglo Saxon


 Wc 9th October Year 6 Kingswood Residential for one week
 November Year 2 Fuy Fawkes workshops at Blakesley Hall
 November Year 3 Visit to Sikh Gurdwara
 November Year 1 Session on traditional tale – Cinderella

Aston Hall

 November Year 6 Visit to Buddhist Centre
 November Year 3 Weather and Seasons Workshop –

Freshwater Theatre

November Year 5 Black Country Museum
November Year 4 Solihull Synagogue
November Year 5 Safeside, Westmidlands Fire Service

Jackie Lee

November Year 6 Performance of Macbeth Young

Shakespeare Company in school hall

December Year 5 Professor McGinty in school – World War II

workshop for each class

December Year 1  Willow Weaving Workshops in school
December Year 4 Professor McGinty in school – Vikings

workshop for each class


December tbc Year 5 Central Mosque 
January Year 1 Toys Workshop
Thursday 18th January Year 3 Mrs History workshops on Stone Age
Thursday 1st February Year 2 Mrs History workshops in school on Mary Seacole
Thursday 8th March Year 1 Visit to Cannon Hill Park 
March tbc Year 5 Visit to Houses of Parliament 
March Year 5 Space Workshops – Freshwater Theatre
April Year 3 Visit to Birmingham Cathedral
May tbc Year 4 Visit to Hindu Temple
2 May Year 5 Robotics workshop
May Reception Ash End Farm
June Year 1 Seasides Workshop – Freshwater Theatre
June Year 5 Professor McGinty in school – Ancient Greeks workshop
June Year 2 Visit to Dudley Zoo
June Year 4 Professor McGinty in school – Egyptians workshop
June Year 3 Professor McGinty in school – Romans workshop for each class
June tbc Year 2 Visit to St Anne’s Church 
June tbc Nursery Visit to Botanical Gardens
July Year 4 Sarehole Mill – River Study










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