Nursery 2015-16

Summer 1 2017

Dear Nursery Parents/Carers,

This half term our topic is ‘Journeys’. The children will be learning about different modes of transport, holidays and places around the world. We would love to see any photos you may have of your child on a special journey.

This term the children will be reading non-fiction books about transport. Our fiction stories will be also be about travelling. The books will include ‘Walking through the Jungle’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Journey Home from Grandpa’s’. Could you find a copy of any of these books at your local library?

We will be continuing the work that we are doing around the NHS Startwell programme. This project aims to encourage children to ‘be more active, eat well and achieve more’. Please can you remember to send a pair of trainers into school in a bag with your child’s name on for their multi skills P.E sessions.

In maths we will be learning more about shape, problem solving, using positional language and finding more and less with counting.

Thank you for your continuing support. Please continue to bring your child to school every day and on time.





The Nursery Team.

Autumn 2

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We hope you had a lovely half-term. The children have settled back into Nursery really well and are ready for a busy time this half term. We will be learning about the topic ‘Ourselves’ and about the festivals of Christmas, Diwali and Eid. Through this topic, we will be looking at our families, our senses and how we change.

In English we will be reading the traditional tales of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. We will be encouraging the children to look at books and discuss the characters involved in the story. In addition, we will be holding lots of mark making activities to encourage the children with their early writing.

In Maths we will be encouraging the children to recite some number names in sequence and begin to make comparisons between quantities. Please encourage this at home by counting with your child and looking for numbers in the environment. In addition, we will be looking at 2D shapes and their properties.

As the colder weather is approaching, please ensure that children are suitably dressed so that everyone can continue to access the curriculum fully, both indoors and out. We would advise children to bring waterproofs and wellies to keep on their pegs for the wetter weather.

Please send a bag of spare named clothes so children can be changed into their home clothes if they get wet. Can you also please ensure that all uniform is named please?

Please continue to bring your child to school every day and on time. Remember Attendance Cat loves to visit children who have excellent attendance!


Many thanks


The Nursery team











Spring 2 2016

Dear Nursery Parents/Carers,


We hope you have had a lovely holiday. This half term our topic is ‘Changes’ (people, animals and plants). We will be talking to the children about how they have changed since they were born. To help us do this, we would appreciate any photographs you may have of your children as babies for our display. These will be returned to you, so please name your pictures.


During this half term we will be encouraging the children to do more writing, which will include writing their names but also writing in different situations. Please encourage your child to write at home and it is important to ask your child to give meaning to what they have ‘written’. They could help you write shopping lists, cards, menus etc.


In English we will be reading, ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’, ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. We will be also looking at some non-fiction books around the life cycles of animals. The children will be using their knowledge to support the ‘Living Egg’ programme. We are very excited about the eggs coming to Nursery; we can’t wait to watch them hatch!


In Maths we will continue with counting and continue to recognise and write numbers to 10. Please help with these activities at home by counting everyday things and recognising numerals. Furthermore, please help your child to look out for shapes in the environment and use the language of size.


The children’s portfolios are really filling up now and you are always welcome to come and look at them. If you have anything from home that you could bring in to add to them, then please do so. In addition, please continue to support your child with their reading and weekly book changing.


Can we remind you to leave a bag of spare clothes in case your child needs changing. These must be labelled.


Attendance Cat has really enjoyed visiting the children at home. In order for your child to have Attendance Cat, they must have 100% attendance for the week and be on time every day. We must stress the importance of good attendance as it builds good habits for Reception and ensures that no vital learning is missed.


Thank you for your continuing support.



Nursery Staff

Mrs Jobson, Mrs Knowles, Mrs McCormick, Mrs Khatun and Mrs Khalfey



Nursery Mud Kitchen

We have opened a mud kitchen in Nursery! This resource is the ultimate in messy play and will be an opportunity for children to experience the pleasures of mud play in a safe and meaningful way.

It will include elements from indoor play cooking but will be also be enriched through the ability to mix soil, water and other natural materials. Children are encouraged to use their imagination to really build on their experiences and subsequently develop expression and language. We are looking forward to having lots of fun in there this year.


Nursery Mud Kitchen

Nursery Maths Inspire Autumn 2

The children had lots of fun counting and practising their numbers through the topic of Christmas.



Nursery Maths Inspire



Nursery Maths Inspire


We had a visit from Father Christmas! He brought us some lovely presents. We are so lucky.


Father Christmas in Nursery







  • Learning about brushing teeth using a hand puppet
  • Playing a game about healthy snacks and drinks
  • Listening to a story about visiting the dentist
  • Singing a song about brushing teeth
  • Tasting healthy snacks

Nursery 3 Nursery 2

Nursery 1

Oral Hygiene Nursery – What the Parents said


  • Things I will do different is stop giving milk in bottle, stop fizzy drinks and less sweet. Thank you
  • I learnt about milk with the bottle is very bad for the teeth.
  • I will brush her teeth twice a day and keep her away from sweets and drinks.
  • It was worth coming today, I have learnt a lot of things like I did not know. You should have fluoride in toothpaste and the amount of sugar in the snacks it was shocking seeing sugar in drinks.
  • That was amazing to learn about keeping my children’s teeth clean and how to clean their teeth and protect their gums.
  • A very good Workshop, very educational and a good insight into dental hygiene. We can now improve kids intake into how much hidden sugar they intake.
  • I learnt so much about the sugars and somethings I didn’t know about. I now have the evidence to tell other people don’t give sweets to kids.
  • I have learnt how many added sugar there is in snacks and drinks. I will try to encourage my child to reduce the amount of sugar intake.
  • It was lovely coming down learning a lot of things. Looking forward to the next workshop.
  • I really enjoyed it. Should be more Workshops like that one.
  • Really happy I came to learn about what is in fizzy drinks and fruit drinks.
  • I would change the drinks because they are really sugary. Now the children will be brushing their teeth 1 hour after their meal.



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