Year Six 2016-17

Year 6 Half Term Overview:

Summer – First half term

Dear Parents,

We hope our families have had a good Easter break and that the children are now refreshed and ready to meet the challenges that await them this next half term!


English Narrative and diary entry
Maths Key concepts – Arithmetic and reasoning questions (revision)
Science Earth and Beyond
Computing Stocks and Shares
P.E Athletics/sports day preparation/cricket
R.E Being regardful of suffering.

Being merciful and forgiving.

Music Assembly practice

SATS week starts on Monday 8th of May. A separate letter has already been sent out explaining what is involved; however, if you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to come and ask any of the Year 6 team.

Monday 10th July is year 6 end of year performance at 6pm

Tuesday 11th July Year 6 parents’ evening from 3.45pm to 6pm

Thursday 13th July year 6 trip to LEGOLAND

PE will continue to be on Thursdays this half term; however, please ensure children bring correct PE kit every day (white t-shirt, black shorts or jogger bottoms, trainers) as we may be doing additional PE and sports day preparation. As weather gets warmer, pupils may also wish to bring a cap/sun cream.


We look forward to your continuing support this half term.


Year 6 Team


Year 6 Inspire workshop on Monday 30th January 2017

Parents Comments:


“I really enjoyed this workshop as I can use these techniques to aid my daughter with her learning at home.”

“The English workshop was fun and informative. It gave a great insight into how our children learn every day.”

“The workshop was really good, informative and challenging we learnt lots of hard words and their meanings.”

A little sad because it might be the last workshop of my daughter at Park Hill.”

“The English inspire workshop was really interesting and gave a good insight into the children’s academic study and what is required of them. Overall it was really fun.”





Year 6 Half Term Overview:

Spring – First half-term

Dear Parents,

We hope our families that celebrated Christmas had a wonderful time! We would also like to wish all our families a very ‘Happy New Year’.

Our first reminder: please ensure your child has appropriate, warm P.E. kit in school for our outdoor P.E. sessions, which are held every Thursday afternoon.

Parents are also reminded that they are extremely welcome to come and read with their child every Tuesday afternoon from 2.45–3.10pm. We would really like to encourage all Year 6 parents to come in as, from now on, we will all be reading in class at this time and we would like as many children as possible to have the chance to read aloud with their parents.

There are also many exciting things happening this half term. On Monday 16th January, we will be dressing up in purple for an ‘Attendance Day’. Additionally, we will also be taking part in ‘Number Day’ on 3rd February and in ‘Flamenco Dance Workshops’ on 2nd and 3rd of February. Finally, the Year 6 English ‘INSPIRE’ workshop will be held on Monday 30th January.

We also invite you to join us for Parents’ Evening, which will be on Thursday 16th February.

This overview will tell you what we will be covering throughout the next half-term. We hope you will find this useful and please feel free to ask any of the Year 6 teachers any questions.


English E-safety posters, diaries and arguments
Maths Key concepts – Time, place value, shape and space.
Science Evolution and inheritance
Computing Stocks and shares / Revision.
P.E Gymnastics / Dance (indoor) Rugby / Netball / Football (outdoor)
R.E Remembering Roots


Mr Shennan, Mr Roberts, Miss King, Miss Somani and Mrs Smith

Year 6 Staff




Dear Parents,

We hope you had a restful half-term break and that pupils are ready for another half-term of hard work.

In reading this term, we will be continuing to study Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse; writing lessons will see us producing a leaflet inspired by our exciting residential trip to Kingwood and some work on Shakespeare. We will continue to look at the technical aspects of writing during SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons.

Maths will see us developing skills in place value, calculation, fractions and statistics. Please ensure your child continues to practise multiplication tables on a daily basis if they do not yet know them by heart.

Our topic this term is ‘A Study of Baghdad c. 900CE’ in which we will explore the importance of the city of Baghdad during the ‘golden age of Islam’ and how it became the centre for many significant achievements in science, technology and the arts.

In science, year 6 will be studying ‘The Heart and Circulation’ and discovering how our amazing circulatory systems work.

During RE, year 6 pupils will reflect on Creating Unity and Harmony, looking at how world religions view the concept of differences. In computing, children will be creating their own stop-motion animations and will also continue to learn Spanish, including a Christmas themed unit and some work revising everything they have covered in Spanish so far.

In outdoor PE, we will be continuing with field hockey and indoor PE will see us continuing to develop techniques in gymnastics and dance. Pupils will require PE kit on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This should consist of: a plain white polo shirt, black shorts or jogging bottoms, trainers (for outdoor) and pumps (for indoor). As the weather gets colder, pupils may bring a plain black sweatshirt (no hood).


In year 6, pupils are expected to complete the following homework on a weekly basis:

  • Reading (should be a minimum of 30 minutes daily)
  • Spellings (set on a weekly basis)
  • English and maths homework (Friday – Wednesday)
  • Handwriting practice when needed
  • Research tasks when needed
  • Talk Homework

All pupils at Park Hill also have access to Spellodrome, Reading Eggs and Mathletics, interactive learning platforms, available on PC/Mac or tablet from home.

We are looking forward to your continuing support this half term.



The Year 6 team.


Year 6 visits Kingswood and have a great experience

Monday 10th October to Friday 14th October

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