Environment Club 2013-14


Environment Club – April 2014

Recently, environment club visited the garden of a local resident.

Whilst there, the children planted a variety of sunflower seeds and

learned to recognise a number of well known herbs

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Planting in the Community


Last half term, children, who are members of the Environment Group, went along to help out at a community housing project. The children visited Moseley and District Housing Association properties on Oakfield Road where they planted plants in the communal garden.

Ibrahin Ali Khan 5B, Benedict Lawrence-Pietroni 5R, Zainab 4BS, Saqlain 6S.

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Environmental Club October 2011

In October, members of the Environment Club worked alongside parents and

governors to improve the playground environment. They removed dead and

decaying plants from the wooded planters and replaced them with leafy,

green plants and bulbs which were donated to the school.

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With the help of Moseley in Bloom children from all year groups planted a sunflower meadow at the front of school in the spring. The sunflowers bloomed over the summer beautifully! The heads have now been harvested by children from Queensbridge school and volunteers from Moseley in Bloom. Members of Park Hill’s Environment Club are going to deseed the heads and store them so that they can be
put in the bird feeding station by the reception playground.

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