Year Five 2015-16

Year 5 Ancient Greek Workshop

With Professor McGinty

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Wednesday 2nd March

Space Workshop for year 5


Ready for blast offView image on Twitter

 We’re space explorers in 5BR today

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5BR feeding answers into the Exploratorium  in our Space workshop today

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Looks like an alien has landed at the 5Be Space workshop



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Dear Parents,

After a restful half term break, we are starting our new topic of The Environment and Sustainability – we will be learning about local and global environmental problems and weighing up some potential solutions.

In English lessons, we are moving on to work based on There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom by American author, Louis Sachar, the story of fifth-grader, Bradley Chalkers, and his difficulties fitting in and making friends at school. We will be writing letters in role as characters.

Maths this term will see us continuing with written and mental calculation methods, place value, shape and statistics. Pupils have been issued with usernames and passwords for the Mathletics website, so be sure to ask your child to show you how it works!

In computing, our unit is We are Architects and we are going to be using the Sketchup software to design our own 3D building.

In PE lessons, we will be starting work on Rock ’n’ Roll style dance sequences. We will continue to develop our tactics for invasion. Please help your child to remember the appropriate P.E kit on these days. Correct PE kit is: plain white t-shirt or long sleeved top, plain black shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms, trainers (outdoor) or pumps (indoor).

Our science topic is Earth, Sun and Moon, which explores day and night, shadows, the seasons and other aspects of our Earth in the solar system.

In music, our theme is “Songwriter – Exploring Lyrics and Melody”, in which pupils will be learning to produce their own simple songs, exploring the relationship between music and lyrics.

In our RE lessons, we will be learning about Participating and being Willing to Lead from the point of view of several different faiths.

We will be continuing with the PATHS programme to develop emotional, behavioural and problem solving skills and we will be continuing to learn Spanish.

We look forward to your continuing support this half term.




The Year 5 Team




Year 5 Parents Meeting


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Poetry Recitation Competition October 2015

There was a fantastic atmosphere around school as many children were practicing their poems to perform in the competitions in school.  The teachers were completely overcome at the effort that so many children put into this and the standard was amazingly high. Thank you to those parents who gave their children support in doing this – they really did you proud!

Year 5 Winning Poem






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