Celebrations & Competition 2013-14

Balloon release to celebrate the Diamond

Jubilee of Park Hill

1954 to 2014

On Thursday 12 June 60 balloons were release by children who had 100% attendance . Each balloon has a label attached asking whoever finds it to contact the school. We want to know how far the furthest balloon travelled. We will let you know if anyone contacts the school.

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Labels have been found in Leicestershire, Coventry,

Bedworth and Northants so far.

 Friday 23rd May – Festival of Culture Day

We celebrated the many diverse cultures we have in our school community. Children can took part in:

¨ Dressing up in a costume from their culture or in the colours of the flag.

¨ Bring in an artefact to talk about—a photo, money, a model or anything interesting.

¨ Can they write their name in their home language?

¨ Every class will make a special class book.

¨ Can you send in a story or memories of your childhood?

We learnt about many cultures such as: Polish, French, British, Chinese, Arabic, Hungarian, Pakistan and Caribbean, to name a few.

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 Attendance Bike Winners May 2014 are:

Dominic Evans in 6B

Khayra Knight in 3E

Ibraheem Ali in RL



On Friday 2nd May school councillors from Park Hill took part in a pop up market in Kings Heath along with other local schools. Children from Park Hill sold cakes and biscuits made in school by each year group in order to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Along with the market, there was entertainment in the form of dancing and drumming.

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 Friday 21st March 2014

World Book Week

This week we are celebrating World Book Week. Our theme this year is Traditional Tales and on Friday we would like everyone to dress up as a character from their favourite Traditional Tale.













Year 6


Purple Attendance Competition

Winners received their BIKES


On Monday 10th February we held a ‘Purple Attendance Day’

All those children with 95% attendance and a maximum of 2 lates up until then had their names put into a draw to win a bike. The winners were:-

James Monk in 3E – Roshaan Muddassir in RW – Rima Brown in 5K





Team Colours Assembly


On Thursday 10th January we had a

Team Colours Assembly – where the

children in years 1 to 6 dressed up

and sat together in their

 house colour groups.





Improvements to the front of school

Last week a group of volunteers from Legal and General Insurance and partner companies, worked at Park Hill for the day. The volunteers (some of whom had travelled from London to take part) spent the day building benches and planters, tidying the area and planting a range of lovely plants to make the front of school more welcoming. In addition to this, they removed the weeds from the planters outside 1G’s classroom and planted a range of plants which have created an exciting sensory garden for the children.

Please help us to look after this area!

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