Competition/ Fund Raising 2017-18

 This year Fundraising for our school charity (2017-2018) , Birmingham Children’s Hospital

A huge thank you to all parents and children and parent, so far we have raised over £1753.98 for the hospital – a fantastic achievement for all of us, parents, pupils and staff!

This is how we have raised the money:

International Week dressing up £505

St George’s Day dressing up £228

Mad for Science Week £500.80

Admin team raffle £450.18

Children’s bookstall at the fete £76.35









Children in Need on Friday 17th November

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On Friday dress in spots and bring in £1. If your child wants a selfie using our comic relief props send in an additional £1 on Friday. Printouts will be provided.                                                              

Cake raffle tickets are on sale in your child’s class room 50p each.                                                        

 On Friday starting at 3.05pm there will be a samosa and cake sale in the main school hall


Well done to Nursery for raising  £19 for birmingham Children’s hospital with their health pasta posts


Year 3 are running a competition to guess the number of sweets in the jar.

Your child may make a guess at how many sweets are in the jar every afternoon in their classrooms. It costs 20p per guess and they can have as many   guesses as they like.

The winner gets the jar of sweets !




Poetry Recitation Competition  

We would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the Poetry  Recitation Competition last week—the standard was very high. A particular well done to our finalists who were: Isha Sawaneh, Aisha Rizwaan, Zaynab Azam (Y1), Raya Easy (Y2), Noor Mohammed (Y3),  Myiesha Shah, Hafsah Mehmood, Sajidah Shazad (Y4) and Umar Alvi (Y5).     




















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