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Visited St Mary’s Hospice in Selly Oak 
on Friday 7th December and Lenches Close
 on Thursday 13th December 2012

Creative Writing Club

Our talented Year 5 and 6 writers have been taking part in a creative writing group. They have been working with a local author to write stories. They were each given

a character, an event and an object to be included in their writing. Below are their story starts. We hope that you enjoy reading them!

The Wolf and the Usher by Sebastien Hutchins

There it was: the wolf of the cinema. It was as bad as described: shaggy fur, sharp, long teeth and those red glowing eyes, which were bloodshot and gleaming. He was known for eating the ushers and eating all the popcorn. He was a thief: every night he would do the same, steal all the popcorn and sweets. If there was a film he’d really like to see, he’d make sure that no-one was watching the film with him. Prowling at the dead of night, the wolf entered AMC. Tom, an usher at the cinema, had remembered a special bowl that had been given to him for Christmas. It’d come with a note saying: “This will repel any thing, just fill it with water!” He knew he was going to be eaten tonight so he packed the green bowl in his bag and set off for work. It had just turned twelve o’clock; the wolf was on its way. Ten past twelve, the wolf had come for dinner of usher and popcorn: a wolf delicacy! Tom rushed to the bathroom, filled the bowl up with water and returned to the ticket booth with a wide grin on his face…

Amber by Sadie Tilling

Amber sat as the untidy, grimy boat bobbed comically in the vast ocean. She was a soft girl, short for her age but nevertheless she had become a trainee pirate. It was not how she had pictured it at all! She felt a strange wind in the air went below deck and fell fast asleep…
When she woke there was hardly any ship (or crew) left. A HURRICANE! She was thrown about until she was at her wits end wishing she could open a door and it would all go away…
From the hurricane a key fell into her hand. “Huh!?” She exclaimed in confusion, but then a door opened just as she had pictured in her mind’s eye. Cautiously, she stepped through. Beautiful sights filled her eyes, coloured with the most vibrant colours,
but when she touched anything it turned grey and crumpled into nothingness.

Greg’s Astounding Adventure! by Poppy Emson

After a long, exhausting day on his farm, a boy named Greg, who was a farm hand, was instructed to go to the dentists. He was rebellious and defiant, as he DID NOT want to go. However, after much debate, Greg gave up and reluctantly agreed.“We live on the outskirts of London, so we’ll go there,” stated Greg’s father, smug about outsmarting his son in an argument.
As the indescribably long and loathsome journey finally came to a halt, Greg found himself on a bustling, vibrant street somewhere near parliament. Cautiously, he negotiated his way through the many pedestrians and, at long last, spotted the dentists. Barging through the crowd of people, he clasped the handle of the door, which was covered in what seemed to be layers of jovial teeth posters. Greg strode into the modern reception. It was pristine and the desk was made out of lustrous white marble- he thought this looked very exquisite.

Peter by Ella Murphy

“GRRRR” Peter snarled, first he had missed the bus to get to school on time and now, NOW HE HAD MISSED HIS STOP!!!!!!! “I HATE going to school”
Peter knew that he was going to miss the big race that would decide which team had won the sports week competition. His team would surely lose without the prefect who would finish the race. Suddenly he felt something in his pocket and reaching in he found…A TOY SKATEBOARD! “Viper Attack” he whispered reading the words above a picture of a snake. He looked in its eyes. They were red and shiny…
He looked around he was outside his house, his watch read 7:47, he had 3 minutes to get to his bus stop, running along he saw the bus, coming up the road. As he clambered aboard the bus, Peter smiled. Perhaps he had discovered the key to world peace, or domination!!!!!!! He got off the bus 10 minutes before the bell rang. His thoughts set only around the skate board. Was it supernatural power disguised as a children’s toy or was it an extraterrestrial gadget?


Red Dust by Anna Passmore


I looked up at the sky. Then I looked at my surroundings. My familiar, scruffy garden looked so different in the dark. Then I looked to the sky again. I’d never encountered one before, a total eclipse of the sun. As a junior astronaut myself, I am extremely interested in space, planets, the sun, the moon and the orbiting of the planets. One day I will find out why. I’m not sure what I’ll find out about why. I’ll just find out why. There was a whole crowd of neighbours around me as our garden has the best view. I looked around me again, when something caught my eye. It was a bright pebble, glowing despite the growing darkness. I walked over and picked it up. The pebble burned in my tight grip but I couldn’t let go or even loosen my hold on it. Just when I was sure I couldn’t bear the pain any longer, it stopped, just as suddenly as it started. It stopped. I opened my eyes. (I had squeezed them shut during the experience.) I realised that I recognised the bare, rocky surroundings. Then it dawned on me. I was on the moon, with no hope of ever getting home again…


The Greedy Wizard! by Eve Simpson


One stormy day, after a long tiring fight, a wizard called Mervin was washed of all his magical power! In order to get all it back, he hatched an evil plan…
Mervin, the indescribably greedy and selfish wizard, had built a very modern supermarket on Green Ally – well, at least that’s what everyone thought it was. He powered tills that would turn money into power- but only when he had enough that he would he regain all his power! In a dusty old corner, Mervin found a red, glowing crayon and some old, creased paper. The crayon, he noticed, had a label saying: Draw with me! The wizard drew and drew. He drew himself with all of his power. But he did not finish the picture – the red crayon marks began to glow. He was sucked into the picture!


The Dinoboy by Hafsa Ibrar

The dinosaur looked around at his surroundings. He was in a cave. The jagged rocks firmly fixed to the walls looked almost frightening but this was what he was meant to be used to. Wasn’t it??? He couldn’t remember anything of his past, strangely enough. As he felt cold, he grabbed two smallish
rocks and began to rub. Then it began. The fire spread slowly. Sunflower seeds? Sorry, that was what the dinosaur was thinking when he saw a packet of them near the mouth of the cave. He grabbed them and ran out; only pausing to push a large boulder to block the entrance. Then he stopped, rubbed his head and thought. He read the packet inside out and began
to plant. When he touched each seed, he felt a warmth spreading inside his body…he liked this feeling. After a few moments, he decided they needed some water.


Nothing by Maisie Dawkins

“This is almost heaven,” Tom whispered quietly to himself. “There is no one and no noise at all!” Tom carried on talking to himself so quietly that not even the women checking in all the books in the counter could hear his whispers. “I don’t think I’ll every leave this calm, quiet
place.” Tom settled down in the gigantic red comfy chair and started reading his book on archery. Tom was an archer and enjoyed scaring people away with his bow and arrow. Of course Tom, even though he could, never actually shoot anyone with it as it would cause pain and suffering. Pain and suffering was Tom’s second worst thing. His first was noise and people. That’s why he was in the library to get away from the busy and noisy life outside the library. Tom got so settled in the massive bright chair that he didn’t notice the crowd growing outside the glass sliding doors…

The Agent by Junaid Ali


Danny’s heart raced, almost hurting him as it pounded. Who was this agent 02 with secret government files loaded onto their brain? More importantly why did they have it? These baffling questions floated around Danny’s head. The anonymous lady who had told the information seemed kind of familiar too.How are you today?” queried agent Kat.Danny was bought back to reality with the comforting voice.“I’m fine,” he responded unconvincingly. What do you know about agent 02?”
What!” exclaimed the agent, puzzled.
Realising she was useless, he shook his head and walked
away. Minutes later he felt weird, his hands began tingling, his eyes twitched. Danny knew what this meant; he needed to paint. You see, the director of the SRA (Spy Recruitment Agency) had given him a unique paintbrush when he was first recruited, which allowed him to paint the future of him and others around him and realise it before hand. He crept silently and “borrowed” a piece of paper; he began painting once he had got the rightcolours. When he had finished it, the urge to paint disappeared. He stared at the painting and recognised it. It was Mount Vike in Switzerland

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