Year Four 2017-18

Inspire Workshop for Autumn Term

These will be connected with maths this term and we do hope that as many parents as possible will attend.


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Dear Parents,

 This half term in Year 4 we will be learning:


We will be developing our understanding of letters, diaries and poetry which will be connected to our topic work. We will use a visual literacy stimulus on the Vikings as the basis for both the letter and diary work.


In maths lessons, we will be revising and extending knowledge of place value, developing mental multiplication and division skills and reading and calculating time as well as looking at the bar method.


Children will be learning about the sources of sound and the difference between pitch and volume. We will be planning a fair test and identifying which materials insulate against sound.


We will be studying the Viking raids and invasion of Britain as well as finding out about the first king of England. We shall learn about Viking longships through design technology.


Some children will be completing a unit of work called ‘We are software developers’. The aim of this unit is to use algorithms to create a simple game using Scratch software. Other children will be doing a unit called ‘we are meteorologists’. In this unit children will be exploring weather symbols and language, eventually creating and presenting their own weather forecast.


Children will be learning netball skills, including throwing and catching accurately, team work skills and aiming at a target. We will be continuing to develop new dance skills linked to the Vikings and working in groups. This half term the boys from 4Eand 4B will be going swimming every Wednesday morning.


Children will be developing their understanding of different faiths and learning to be reflective and self-critical.


We will be exploring feelings, recognising and controlling anger and learning how to prevent problems from escalating. We will continue to celebrate the pupil of the day and come up with compliments for them.


This half term, we will be building, practising and performing pieces of music connected to poetry.


We will learn and revise vocabulary for parts of the body and animals as well as learn to ask and answer simple questions.

 Educational Visits:

In November, we will be visiting Solihull Synagogue to learn more about the Jewish faith.  

 Best Wishes from the Year 4 Team



Year 4 Recommended Reading List

Parents often ask us for suggested books for their children to read so we have put together a list of books which are recommended for children in Year 4. It is by no means an exhaustive list but represents a cross section of books suitable for your child. Please do take your child to borrow books from their local library. (They can take TEN books out at a time for free!) Please also encourage your child to read for 20-30 minutes every evening as it will impact hugely on their writing ability and general learning.


Anything by Jeremy Strong as this is Year 4’s special author; eg My Granny’s Great Escape, Viking at School, Pandemonium at School, The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog


Moon Cake and Other Stories                            Joan Aiken

The Peppermint Pig/Carrie’s War                     Nina Bawden

Snow Dog                                                                 Malorie Blackman

Beast Quest series                                                  Adam Blade

Kezzie/ Dream World                                           Theresa Breslin

The Midnight Fox                                                   Betsy Byars

The Julian Stories                                                   Anne Cameron

Hurricane                                                                 Humphrey Carpenter

The Present Takers                                                Aidan Chambers

Ramona series                                                         Beverly Cleary

Awesome Attacking                                              Michael Coleman

How to train your Dragon                                   Cressida Cowell

The Bongleweed                                                     Helen Cresswell

The Great Elephant Chase                                   Gillian Cross

The Demon Headmaster series                          Gillian Cross

Animals of Farthing Wood                                  Colin Dann

Knights Tale                                                             Terry Deary

Bella’s Den                                                               Berlie Doherty

Meanwhile Adventures                                        Roddy Doyle

Bill’s New Frock/The Country Pancake                        Anne Fine

The Snow Walker’s Son                                       Catherine Fisher

War Game                                                                Michael Foreman

Fair’s Fair                                                                  Leon Garfield

Elidor                                                                         Alan Garner

Grandpa Chatterji Years                                       Jamila Gavin

Grandpa’s Indian Summer                                  Jamila Gavin

Blabbermouth/Boy Overboard                          Morris Gleitzman

Pocket Hero                                                             Pippa Goodheart

The Reluctant Dragon                                           Kenneth Grahame

Broken Glass                                                            Sally Grindley

Ghost Writer                                                           Julia Harman

The Dragon Charmer                                            Douglas Hill

The French Confection                                         Anthony Horowitz

The Iron Man/The Iron Woman                        Ted Hughes

Journey to the River Sea                                      Eva Ibbotson

Season of Splendour                                             Madjur Jaffray

Fairy Tales                                                                Terry Jones

Stig of the Dump                                                    Clive King

The Invisible Dog + others                                   Dick King-Smith

Diary of a Wimpy Kid                                            Jeff Kinney

Worry Guts                                                              Jan Mark

The Quigleys                                                            Simon Mason

Akimbo and the Lions                                           Alexander McCall Smith

Dog Days                                                                  Geraldine McCaughrean

Perry Angel’s Suitcase                                          Glenda Millard

The Marble Crusher/Why the Whales Came  Michael Morpurgo

Worst Witch series                                                Jill Murphy

Cat Tales                                                                   Linda Newberry

The Owl Tree, The Bodigulpa                              Jenny Nimmo

The Borrowers                                                        Mary Norton

Football Academy                                                  Tom Palmer

I Houdini                                                                   Lynn Reid Banks

The Battle of Bubble and Squeak                       Philippa Pearce

The Scarecrow and the Servant                         Philip Pullman

The Firework Maker                                             Philip Pullman

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters                            John Steptoe

Ice Palace                                                                 Robert Swindells

Harry and the Wrinklies                                       Alan Temperley

Unusual Day                                                                        Sandy Toksvig

Star Striker Titch                                                    Martin Waddell

Sniff                                                                           Ian Whybrow

Greek Myths for Young Children                       Marcia Williams

Poetry and Rhymes

We Animals would like a Word                          John Agard

A Caribbean Dozen                                                John Agard, Grace Nicolls

Parent-Free Zone                                                   Brian Moses

Football Poems                                                       David Orme

Thawing Frozen Peas                                            Brian Patten

Spider Bought a Bicycle                                        Michael Rosen

I like this poem                                                        Kaye Webb

Or any book connected with a topic which is being studied in school or which interests your child. What is most important is that your child is reading and developing a love for reading.

Happy reading!



Year 4 Parents Meeting 20170001

Year 4 Parents Meeting 20170002

Year 4 Parents Meeting 20170003

Year 4 Parents Meeting 20170004

Year 4 Parents Meeting 20170005

Year 4 Parents Meeting 20170006

Year 4 Parents Meeting 20170007

Year 4 Parents Meeting 20170008

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Dear Parents,

 Welcome to year 4. The year 4 team is looking forward to working with you and your children throughout this year. Here is a brief overview of the areas that your child will be learning about this half term.


This half term, we will link our writing to our topic: the Anglo-Saxons. We will be reading ‘Beowulf’ and the children will then go on to write narratives based on the story. In addition, we will be learning about the experiences of the Windrush generation during Black History Week.

Can we ask that you ensure that your child continues to read at home for a minimum of half an hour daily, as this has not only been shown to be one of the most effective ways of improving reading skills but it also helps children make progress in many other aspects of school life!


The children will begin by learning about place value and move on to addition and subtraction. During the shape unit, they will be identifying properties of 3D shapes. They will continue to consolidate multiplication and division facts including the relationship between different multiplication tables e.g. 4x and 8x.


The children will be learning about Sound and Electricity. They will be making circuits using different materials as conductors as well as investigating how sound is made and travels.


Children will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons. This will involve researching information to find out facts about the Anglo-Saxon times. In October, we will be visiting Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to look at artefacts.


We will be developing game software. Using Scratch, the children will analyse and play games which they will test and refine.


The PE units for this half term are football and dance. Our dance will be linked to our topic: the Anglo-Saxons. In football, we will learn how to pass and control the ball and play small-sided games. PE will be taught on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. Girls from 4E and 4B will be going to Moseley Swimming Baths for their swimming lessons up until half term and will require a swimming costume and a towel. Please make sure that children have the correct kit of a white t-shirt, black shorts/trousers/leggings, pumps for indoor PE and trainers for outdoor PE.


The children will learning about being thankful and taking part in discussions and role play.


We will be starting our work on PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) this term. We will be thinking about rules, cooperative learning and recognising our feelings.


This half term, the children will learn how to sing partner songs and explore different instruments.


The children will revise colours and parts of the body and listen for specific words and phrases. We will also ask how to say something in Spanish.


Weekly spellings and homework will be given out on Fridays and returned each Wednesday.



The Year 4 Team

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