Competitions and Fundraisers 2015-16

Red Nose Day –  £989.74


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Fund Raising for our Gambian Project                                                                                                                           

Below is a summary of monies raised so far for our Gambian Project:

Money raised for Gambia Fund so far:

£413.10           Dressing up Day

£90.90            Year 6 Toast

£51.25             Reception Cake Sale

£64.50            Year 6 Toast 14.4.16

£112.52           Nursery Danceathan

£63.02           Y6 Toast on Gambia Day

£611.00          Dressing up for Gambia Day + Face painting

£33.21            Guess the Sweets – Year 4

£440.24         Admin Cake Sale

£20.45           5Br Loom Bands

£79.58           Year 3 Cake Sale 18.5.16

£39.20          5Be Sweets in Jar 24.5.16

£18.25          5R Loom Bands

£2.80           Y4 Child – Loom Bands

£58.93         6S’s toast 26.5.16

£194.15        Euro Football Dressing up Day 25.6.16

£86.90        Raffle Tickets sold so far 30.6.16

£20.83        3E’s Penny Pot

£117.86       England Game Dressing up Afternoon 16.6.16

£19.41       Miscellaneous money given for Gambia

£86.21           Y2’s Cake Sale so far wc 27.6.16

Total so far £2,624.31  

It would be fantastic if we could manage to reach £3,000 by the end of term and we still have various fund raising activities to take place before we break up.

Last week, the children should have brought home a Spellathon sponsorship form and we hope they are each managing to find a few sponsors.  In every year group, the children have set word lists of spellings which they have had to learn over the year. In the penultimate week of term (week commencing 11th July) we will be holding Spellathons in school whereby the children will have a chance to show how well they know their spellings after a year’s work on them. We are asking for the children to be sponsored on how many of these words they can now spell correctly.  They can either be sponsored on a total number of correct spellings or a certain amount per spelling. All funds raised will go towards our Gambian fund raising appeal. Any amount – no matter how small – helps.

6G will be organising another toast sale for Wednesday 13th July.

Around school there will be several Guess the Number of Sweets in a Bag competitions going on.  Children are invited to pay 20p to have a guess; the winners will, of course, receive a bag of sweets.

The draw for our raffle will be made in assembly on Thursday 7th July.  The prizes include a beautiful patchwork made by Ms Richards, a lovely cushion and doorstop made by Mrs Glover, a cake made by our cook, Andi, a £20 gift voucher for a local supermarket, various games, jigsaw puzzles and lots more.


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Year 2 making cakes to sell to raise money for the Gambia Appeal

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Year 3 making chocolate rice-crispie cakes for the Gambia Appeal





Slower is Safer!  

Balsall Heath Carnival 2016

 As many of you will no doubt be aware, Balsall Heath Carnival will take place this Saturday, 9th July, at Pickwick Park (off St Paul’s Road, start 12pm).  The carnival theme for this year, “Slower is Safer”, is based around the newly-introduced 20mph speed limit for our local area.

Grand Carnival Procession

Excitingly, this week each year group has been preparing their own themed costumes and therefore we invite you to join us, with your child in costume, at the Grand Carnival Procession; it is a great opportunity to celebrate our community and its values, with the focus firmly upon the children!  The procession will leave from Balsall Heath Park, Taunton Road at 12.30pm to arrive at Pickwick Park at 1.30pm.  We will have staff available to accompany you along the route.

Dress code for participating children: your costume plus any brightly-coloured, high-visibility clothing – we want to stand out from the crowd!

School & Friends of Park Hill stalls

The school will have a stall at the carnival where we shall be selling food that the children have made or baked at school this week.  Friends of Park Hill will also have a stall selling different food.  All profits from the school stall will go towards our charitable fund for the school in The Gambia.

If you can’t make the procession, it would lovely to see you at the carnival – in particular, look out for the Year 6 dance group who will be performing on the stage.  It promises to be an exciting day!




On Tuesday 17th May – walking with Happy Shoesday.


Children wear the shoes that make them happy and ready to play and bring in £1.

What about shiny shoes, wellies, trainers or crocs? Or make shoes even happier by decorating them: add stickers, make an animal face, change your laces to a bright colour or add beads


SHOES 1         SHOES 2         SHOES 3

SHOES 4       SHOES 5



Please make sure your child’s happy shoes are suitable for all usual playground play – walking, running, hop skip and jumping.  No high heels please!

The money we raise will help Living Streets run Walk to School challenges in even more schools across the UK, getting more children and families happier and healthier through the benefits of walking and improving road safety, traffic  congestion and air pollution for all.





We will be holding a Gambia Day in school when the children will be learning more about the country, The Gambia, and about the school we are raising money for.

Everyone is invited to dress up in African-like or brightly-coloured clothes for £1.

Year 6 will be selling toast for 20p again and there will be face painting for 50p.

Each class will be trying to fill a map of The Gambia with coins so we hope as many children as possible will be able to bring in some loose change to help fill up their map.

After school too the office staff will be holding a cake and samosa sale.

All funds raised will go towards our Gambia fund raising project.

Raffle    Later on in the term, we will be holding a raffle and a sponsored Spellathon for our Gambian fund.


Gambia Day with many fund raising activities in school, we managed to raise the phenomenal total of £1,147.47!  

This was broken down as follows:

Year 6 selling of toast                                                                                              


Dressing up + face painting + loose change on Gambian maps                  


Year 4 Guess the Number of Sweets in a Jar                                                      


Admin Team Cake Sale                                                                                      


In addition to this, last week Nursery held a healthy eating workshop and sold healthy snacks to parents, raising £37.07.

Now, our overall total raised is £1,879.84, which is amazing. Thank you very much to everyone who has supported us in our fund raising. On Friday, we were visited by some students from Solihull Sixth Form who have actually travelled to the school in The Gambia that we are raising money for. They told us how, even though all the classes have between 60 to 90 pupils in them, there is still a waiting list for the school and many pupils walk several miles there and back every day. They told us the conditions at the school were very basic and described how much the children would greatly benefit from all our fund raising.


Year 4 have raised £34.11 for The Gambia



Here is the winner! There were

185 Sweets in the jar

sweets 1









Year 6 making toast for The Gambia

toast 1 They raised  £63.00 what a fantastic





Park Hill dressed in bright colours to celebrate Gambia Day













St Georges Day Celebrations

Monday 25 April 2016

Children were invited to dress up in red and white (the colours of the national flag of England) or in anything else connected with St. George’s Day. 

The Assemby was led by Mrs Bakalou


George 2   George 3 George 4  George 5

George 6   George 7 George 8 George 9  George 10  George 11




Wishing Queen Elizabeth a very happy 90th birthday


Happy birthday to the Queen from 4R



Bike Winners this half term

This half term’s Attendance bike winners are:

Zakareeya Ali in 6S

Ariba Alyas in 4S

Dilraj Jogi in 2T

Mehvish Din in Reception

Zakareeya Alin in 6SMehvish Din - RecDilraj Jogi in 2TAriba Alyas 4S







Bike winners, whose names were drawn from amongst all of those children who had achieved over 95% with no lates.

RS   Haadiya Shaheen  –        2T     Karina Duroi    –    4B   Amina Fiaz     –        5BR Unays Dabhelia


Christmas Jumper day in aid of Save the Children on Friday 18th December 201 5


Admin Staff at Park Hill wearing their Christmas Jumpers

View image on Twitter

Year 5 children wearing their Christmas jumpers

View image on Twitter












On Wednesday 9th December we will be holding a “bling-up-our bike” competition. Children are encouraged to decorate their bicycles or scooters in a Christmas theme.
If  you don’t have a bike or can’t bring it to school, you can complete the bike poster showing how you would bling up your bike.


The competition will be judged by our new Bike It Crew.


xmas bike 7 xmas bike 6xmas bike 5 xmas bike 3 xmas bike 2 xmas bike 1 smas bike 4

xmas bike 19 xmas bike 18 xmas bike 17 xmas bike 16 xmas bike 15 xmas bike 14 xmas bike 13 xmas bike 12 xmas bike 11 xmas bike 10 xmas bike 9 xmas bike 8




Macmillan Fundraising on 8th October Park Hill had a cake sale and children and staff dressed in Green and White and paid 20p



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