Year Four 2016-17

We had a fun time learning more about the ancient  Egyptians with Prof. McGinty

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Ancient Egyptians masks


Painting paper mache Egyptian death masks





Dear Parents

This half term in Year 4 we will be looking at:


We will be writing narratives and diaries connected to our topic.


In maths, groups will be learning about fractions, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, time, shape and data.


In science, we will be learning about evaporation and condensation. We shall be finding out about the water cycle, using scientific names and carrying out an investigation.


Our topic for this half term is ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS. The children will be learning about the achievements of different civilisations, Ancient Egypt, the River Nile and the work of archaeologists.


The unit half term is called We Are Musicians. Children will be learning about how to make and edit music.


Children will be developing striking and fielding skills when playing CRICKET this half term. They will be improving their ability to bowl, field the ball and hit a straight drive. Girls from 4B and 4S will swim on a Wednesday morning as well as develop their TENNIS skills.


In PATHS this half term, we shall continue to learn and think about FRIENDSHIPS.


This half term, the children will be learning about structures in songs and exploring layers.


Children will become familiar with the layout of a simple bilingual dictionary. They will be learning new words linked to leisure activities. We will be learning about hobbies and will read and understand a short paragraph with familiar vocabulary as well as asking and answering questions.


Children will learn about living by rules within a faith and what it means to be temperate, exercise self-discipline and cultivate serene contentment.


 Clare Belshaw, Shabnam Saleem, Jabeen Moghul

Year 4 Teachers


Year 4 Inspire Workshop with parents on Tuesday 31st January

Parents comments:

“Very interesting lesson always valuable as we learn new methods of teaching”.         “Very interactive, the snakes + ladders spelling game was useful”.

“A great thing to do, thank you”.         “Great Reading workshop will implement what I have learnt today with the children. Well done keep up your hard work”.

“Good to see that reading is being encouraged on children who spend more time on tech and less on traditional forms of interests and hobbies.  My child reads at home as we value knowledge”.


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Dear Parents

This half term in Year 4 we will be learning:

English: We will link e-safety to writing tasks including making an information leaflet. In addition, the children will be writing narratives based upon a short film.

Maths: The children will be learning about place value, fractions & decimals as well as addition & subtraction connected to money. In addition, the children will be investigating measurement & collecting data, leading onto drawing tables and graphs.

Science: The children will be learning about teeth, digestion and healthy diets. They will learn the names of teeth and how diet affects the condition of our teeth.

Topic: The topic this half term is based upon geographical similarities and differences in three localities around the world. It will be the study of the human and physical geography of a region of the United Kingdom, a region in a European country (Spain) and a region within South America (Peru).


The children will be designing a toy with computer-controlled input and output. They will be using their previous knowledge of ‘Scratch’, as well as new skills to write and create a simple program.


Children will be learning to work in a team and take part in outdoor adventurous activities. This half term, girls in 4M and 4B will be swimming on Wednesday mornings. In addition, children will be working with a partner to develop gymnastic sequences.


Children will be learning about friendships. We will be learning about ways in which we get on with our friends and how we solve arguments.


In Music, we shall be experimenting with melodies, scales and pitch. We will be singing rounds and performing songs.


In RE, we will try to understand the concept of mutual listening. When looking at particular faiths, we will try to understand how Christians follow the teachings of Jesus in their actions and how Sikhs show they belong to the Sikh faith.


The Year 4 Team





Dear Parents,

This half term in Year 4 we will be learning:


We will be developing our understanding of letters, reports (which will be connected to RE) and poetry. We will extend our understanding of the Vikings through letters and poetry.


In maths lessons, we will be revising and extending knowledge of place value, developing mental multiplication and division skills and reading and calculating time.


Children will be learning about the sources of sound and the difference between pitch and volume. We will be planning a fair test and identifying which materials insulate against sound.


We will be studying the Viking raids and invasion of Britain as well as finding out about the first king of England. We shall learn about Viking purses through design technology.


Some children will be completing a unit of work called ‘We are software developers’. The aim of this unit is to use algorithms to create a simple game using Scratch software. Other children will be doing a unit called ‘We are meteorologists’. In this unit children will be exploring weather symbols and language, eventually creating and presenting their own weather forecast.


Children will be learning netball skills, including throwing and catching accurately, team work skills and aiming at a target. We will be continuing to develop new dance skills linked to the Vikings and working in groups. This half term the boys from 4M and 4S will be going swimming every Wednesday morning.


Children will be developing their understanding of different faiths and learning to be reflective and self- critical.


We will be exploring feelings, recognising and controlling anger and learning how to prevent problems from escalating. We will continue to celebrate the pupil of the day and write compliments for them.


This half term, we will be building, practising and performing pieces of music connected to poetry.


We will learn and revise vocabulary for parts of the body and animals as well as learning to ask and answer simple questions.

Educational Visits:

In November, we will be visiting Solihull Synagogue to learn more about the Jewish faith.

Best Wishes from the Year 4 Team



If you are kind,

you will find

love in your heart.


If you are kind,

you will find

that the world is nice and bright!


If you are kind,

you will find

a friend standing by your side.


If you are kind,

you will find

a smile in return.


If you are kind,

you will find



If you are kind,

you will find

you’ll cheer up people’s days.


If you are kind,

you will find

the GOLDEN RULE will spread.


If you are kind,

you will find

the Kindness Spy will spot you!






4B fitted their Kindness Tree this half term with lots of examples of being kind.


During this half term, random acts of kindness shown by 4S










Anglo Saxon Topic


What a fantastic Anglo Saxon House made for our topic project homework task 4b.



An Anglo Saxon house made and then eaten by 4S



Here is 4b’s kindness tree.  Watch it fill up with random acts of kindness!




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