General Information

We would like to wish all our families and children a safe and happy holiday.

school starts for all pupils, from Years 1 to 6, on Wednesday 6th September.





School term dates 2017-18


Autumn Term 2017

Wednesday 6 September 2017 to Friday 20th October 2017 Half Term: Monday 23 October 2017 to Friday 27 October 2017

Monday 30th October to Friday 22 December 2017

Christmas holiday : Monday 25th December to Friday 5th January 2018

Spring Term 2018

Monday 8 January 2018 to Friday 16th February 2018

Teacher day: Monday 22nd January 2018 Half Term: Monday 19 February 2018 to Friday 23 February 2018 Monday 26th February to Thursday 29 March 2018

Easter holiday: Friday 30th March to Friday 13th April 2018

Summer Term 2018

Monday 16 April 2018 to Friday 25th May 2018 Half Term: Monday 28 May 2018 to Friday 1 June 2018 Monday 4th June to Friday 20th July 2018


End of Key Stage results

Reception (Teacher assessment)

Children who achieved a Good Level of Development for all subjects (the expected standard) : 67%

The percentage of pupils at expected standard for – Reading : 80%   Writing : 67% Maths : 77%


The tests in England changed last year for children in Year 6 and Year 2. New, more difficult, tests were introduced which were based on a new curriculum. We are very proud of how our children have tackled the many changes; showing determination and resilience and working closely with their teachers to try to be the best that they can be.

Year 2 (Teacher assessment)

Children who met the expected standard:

Reading : 63%   Writing: 61% Maths: 66%

Year 6

The percentage of pupils at the expected standard for the end of year 6:

Reading : 56%   Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: 79%     Writing: 74%   Maths : 59%

Well done to our pupils and staff for all their hard work! Thank you to our parents for all their support.




Staffing next year

Sadly, we say goodbye to Miss Moghal, who is leaving to work at another Birmingham school.   We wish her well.

We will have a new teacher joining us in September, Imogen Marsden, who will be teaching in Year 5.




Fundraising for our school charity, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

A huge thank you to all parents for your contributions over the last few weeks – for the Mad for Science week, admin team hamper raffle and last week’s Friends Summer Fete.

So far we have raised over £1753.98 for the hospital – a fantastic achievement for all of us, parents, pupils and staff!

This is how we have raised the money:

International Week dressing up £505

St George’s Day dressing up £228

Mad for Science Week £500.80

Admin team raffle £450.18

Children’s bookstall at the fete £76.35


Mad for Science competition winners

Judging the competitions was very difficult as there were some fantastic entries throughout school – a big thank you to all who entered.

The winners were:

Thinktank family tickets raffle

KS1: Cal 1H

KS2: Mysha Khan 5G


Wildlife photo competition

KS1: 1st Kaytee, 2nd Michaela, 3rd Jay

KS2: 1st Ammarah Zainab 5G, 2nd Safina 6R, 3rd Aliza 4B


Design an object using recycled materials

KS1: 1st Suhayya 2T, 2nd Aisha RL, 3rd Aisha RLA

KS2: Saliha Zaman 5G, 2nd Aribah 5Be, 3rd Myesha 3R




Parents’ Forum meeting on 11th July at 9am

At our post-Ofsted parents’ meetings, parents suggested that a Parents’ Forum was set up so that they could work with the school to make further improvements.

The first Parents’ Forum meeting will be run by Mrs Stoiber on the 11th of July at 9am. We hope that you can attend this meeting.




Parents and carers can contact the school in a variety of ways to best suit them:

-All staff are available in the playground before and after school, if you wish to have a brief discussion. Of, for a longer talk, you may arrange a meeting with a member of staff.

-You may email to request a meeting, including the full name of your child and the class they attend in your message. You are welcome to phone in or send a note in with your child to request a meeting, if you prefer.

-As long as it is arranged in advance, and is mutually convenient, staff can meet with parents from 8.30am to 8.45am or after school between 3.45pm to 4.45pm (except on Wednesday and Thursday).

-If you wish to meet with a member of the Leadership team; Mrs Khan (Head teacher), Mrs Bakalou (Deputy Head teacher), Mr Malcolm (Assistant Head teacher), Miss Smith (Assistant Head teacher), are available to meet between 8.15am and 6pm. A meeting can be   arranged by speaking to us directly before or after school, by contacting Mrs Hill (0121 449 3004) or by emailing the school.



Dates for your Diary

 Parents’ Forum meeting on Tuesday 11th July at 9am.

FOPH cake sale Thursday 29th June

FOPH Party for year 6 from 5pm-7pm 30th June

Summer Fayre Friday 14th July – more details to follow

Parents’ evenings:

Tuesday 11th July for Year 6 from 3.45 to 6pm

Wednesday 12th July for Nursery, Year 1 and 3          

from 3.45pm to 6pm.

Thursday 13th July Reception, Year 2,4 and 5

from 3.45pm to 6pm.

Year 6 end of year performance at 2pm and 6pm on  

Monday 10th July

School closes on Friday 21st July for the summer holiday.



International Week 2017 (26.06.17 – 30.06.17)

During International Week, children throughout school will be learning about countries around the world. Each year group will be learning about a different country. On Friday 30th June, we would like children to come to school dressed in the colours of that country’s flag.

Nursery — Great Britain (red, white and blue)

Reception — Pakistan (green and white)

Year 1 — Australia (red, white and blue)

Year 2 — Brazil (blue, yellow and green)

Year 3 — South Africa (red, white, green, yellow, black and blue)

Year 4 — Canada (red and white)

Year 5 — Antarctic (There is no flag for the Antarctic so we would invite children to wear green as the Antarctic is a protected environmental site)

Year 6 — Japan (red and white)




Handwriting Competition

The winners of this half term’s handwriting   competition are:   Hassan Ali (2T), Myiesha Shah (3R) Amiah Tate (4B) and Ammarah Zanam (5G)




Parents are reminded that only children in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to fast. We do recognise how difficult these long summer-time fasts will be and would encourage parents to allow their   children to fast at the weekend. Unfortunately, some pupils do fall ill and we will talk to parents if we have any concerns with how their child is   coping with fasting. Please remember to send in a note/letter for each day that your child is   fasting. 

Thank you for your support




Please continue to support us in encouraging your children to read for about 30 minutes every day. If you are able to ask them questions on what they’ve read, so much the better! Please use your Reading Hint sheets, which provide examples of questions to ask your children as they are reading. You will have received an example of this earlier in the year but, if you would like another one, please ask your class teacher.

Please also continue to encourage your children to   complete their new reading diaries with comments on books they have read or new vocabulary they have learned from their reading. For children in Foundation, Years 1 and 2, when they have written 5 comments in their reading diaries, they will receive a merit prize in assembly; when they have made 10 comments in their reading diaries, they will receive a book as a prize. For children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, we will expect them to make 10 comments in their reading diaries for a merit prize and 20 comments for a book prize.




Our chosen charity this year is

Birmingham Children’s Hospital


The school raised £505.00 during our   Easter Fund raising week which included the Easter bonnet parade, decorating eggs and a raffle. Thank you to all our families who gave generously.




Thank you to all parents who have been insisting that their children both read for 30 minutes  

every day and complete their reading diaries.

Special congratulations to the following children who have managed to make 20 comments in their

reading   diaries (10 comments for Foundation and KS1) and have been rewarded with a book for

their efforts. These children are simply   reading for 30 minutes every night and recording in their

reading diary at the same time.

Year 2 Books: Aleesha,

Year 2 Prizes: Yusuf, Maysam, Toringa, Adam, Shahd, Haadiya, Angie, Zukaina

Year 3 Books: Raja, Bilal, Myiesha, Sajidah, Kyreece,

Year 3 Prizes: Juiwayriah, Alishba, Adam, Adam G, Zohaib

Year 4 Books: Aliha, Howa, Amiah, Summer

Year 4 Prizes   Innaya, Ahmed, Saif, Danae, Memphis, Hamzah, Adil, Abubkr, Zarah Ali

Year 5 Books:   Ummhania,

Year 5 Prizes:   Mustafa, Arif, Hafsa



Dinner Money is £11.25 per week payable on a Monday or £78.75 for the half term. If your child normally has   sandwiches and you would like them to have a pizza on a Friday it will be £15.75 payable on Monday 5th June.


Parents reading in School

A reminder that we really would like to encourage parents to come into school to read with their children on the following days at 2.45pm:

Tuesdays          –     Years 6, 5 and                                                                                                                                    Wednesdays     –     Years 3 and 4

Thursdays       –     Year 1

Even if your child is in an older year, we would still like to see you!



  Following on from last year’s fantastic, compassionate effort to raise funds for a school in The Gambia, this year we are focussing our efforts rather closer to home, fundraising for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  Many of us at some time or another have used the services of the hospital, so we thought it would be great to show our appreciation for the wonderful, compassionate work they do to make children’s lives better .



Safeguarding and  Mobile Phones in school

Please do not use your mobile phones when you are in the school, either attending a workshop, meeting a teacher or reading with your children. This is for the safety of all our   children. Thank you for your co-operation.


A Compassionate school

As you will be aware, last year we were raising funds for a school in The Gambia. This year, we will be raising money for a local charity : Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The hospital has helped some of our families and children in the past and is also involved with helping some pupils currently at our school. The school council will be meeting to decide on the events that they wish to organise over the coming year to raise money.

More details will follow.




Thank you to all the staff at Park Hill

We recently had a visit from a parent whose children left our school a few years ago. She wanted to share news about how her children were getting on (as a lot of our families often return to us to do). She wanted to share her message in our newsletter :

‘I remember Park Hill affectionately for all the things it has done for my children. My   youngest child left 3 years ago but I feel that I can still pop in; other parents still welcome me and there is such a lovely atmosphere here. This wasn’t the nearest school to where we lived but I wanted to send my children here because it was so mixed.

My children are now 16 and 14; the 16 year old has just got 7 A* and 4 As at a grammar school. She always felt that she could talk to someone at Park Hill if she had a problem. My son, who wasn’t so confident and had   educational learning difficulties, has also done well. I remember talking to a teacher at Park Hill who helped me; the school always listened to me and helped me to put things into perspective.

We all have really fond memories of Park Hill and I thank you all for helping to help my   children to achieve everything they have achieved.’




  In the last week of last half term, the Attendance Lead for Birmingham, Edwina Langley, visited Park Hill to advise us on what else we could do to improve our attendance so that we reach  nationally-expected levels by the end of the year. The advice she gave us is what we will make sure we will be following from now on:

  • As before, if a child’s attendance reaches a point below 92%, we cannot authorise any further absences unless some kind of medical proof is shown to us.  All absences without medical evidence will be unauthorised until the child’s attendance reaches 92% again.
  • If a child is absent for more than 3 consecutive days, we also must have some kind of medical evidence in order for days an absence to be authorised.  Otherwise, they will be unauthorised. Likewise, if a child has more than 3 absences in a half term, we cannot      authorise any more days off without medical proof.
  • If a child is absent and we cannot get hold of their parents on the telephone, we will make a home visit on the third day. If we still cannot make contact with the family, we will be forced to contact the police to undertake      investigations to ensure the child is safe and well. In addition, we will contact the ‘Children Missing in Education’ team at the Local Authority so they too can undertake investigations to find the child.  These measures are   simply to ensure the safety and well-being of all the children.
  • If a child has 20 or more days of unauthorised absence, we will now pursue what is known as the Spotlight Campaign with the parents of these children.  This is where parents are  under obligation to ensure their children attend school every single day over a specified   period of time.  If they do not, we will be forced to follow  procedures which can result in court action   being taken.  We will actually be starting a Spotlight Campaign with some  parents very early this half term.





Thank you to all parents who have been insisting that their children both read for 30 minutes every day and complete their reading diaries. Thank you also to those parents who are making use of the Reading Hint Sheets, which provide examples of questions to ask their children as they are reading.  All parents in year groups from Years 1-6 should now have been given their Reading Hints.  Nursery and Reception parents will be receiving their sheets very soon.



Educational Visits

Educational Visits/Workshops for this Year
Please find listed below the educational visits and workshops that we have booked to complement the curriculum for this year.
Date Year Group Visit Details
September 16 All children with 100% attendance 100% Attendance Treat: Animals in Hands
October 16 Year 4 Visit to Birmingham Museum for Anglo Saxon Workshops
September 16 Best attending classes Lego Workshops in school,
October 16 Year 5 Visit to Cadbury World
wc 10th Oct Year 6 Residential at Kingswood, Staffordshire
October 16 All year groups African Dance Sessions
November 16 Year 2 Visit to Blakesley Hall for workshops on Guy Fawkes
November 16 Year 6 Visit to Buddhist Centre
November 16 Year 4 Visit to Solihull Synagogue
November 16 Year 1 Visit to Aston Hall for sessions on the traditional tale, Cinderella
November 16 Year 5 Workshops on World War II in school
November 16 Year 3 Visit to Sikh Gurdwara.
November 16 Year 4 Workshops on the Vikings in school
December 16 Year 5 Visit to Safeside, run by West Midlands Fire Service
December 16 Year 1 Willow Weaving Workshops in school
December 16
Year 5 Visit to Central Mosque
January 17 Year 1 Visit to Museum of Cannock Chase for workshops on Toys
January 17 Year 3 Stone Age Workshops in school
January 17 Year 2 Mary Seacole Workshops in school
January 17 Year 1 Chinese New Year Workshops in school
February 17 Years 3, 4, 5, 6 Flamenco Dancing Workshops in school
March 17 Year 6 Hamlet Production in school
March 17 Year 5 Visit to London, including Houses of Parliament
March 17 Year 5 Space workshops in school
April 17 Year 3 Visit to Birmingham Cathedral
May 17 Year 2 Visit to Dudley Zoo
May 17 Year 5 Visit to Thinktank for Robotics Workshop
May 17 Reception Visit to Ash End Farm
May 17 but visit still to be confirmed Year 4 Visit to Hindu Temple
May 17 but dates still to be confirmed Year 2 Visits to St Anne’s Church
June 17 Year 5 Workshops on the Ancient Greeks in school
June 17 Year 4 Workshops on the Ancient Egyptians in school
June 17 Nursery Visit to the Nature Centre
June 16 Year 3 Workshops on the Romans
June 17 Year 1 Workshops on Seasides in school
July 17 Year 4 Visit to Sarehole Mill for a river study
End of July but visit still to be confirmed Year 6 End of primary school trip






Year 6 SATs Results

You may be aware that the tests in England this year changed for children in Year 6 and Year 2. New, more difficult, tests were introduced which were based on a new curriculum.

Schools and parents have been informed by the Department for Education that we cannot compare the results this year with those from previous years.

We are very proud of how our children have tackled the many changes; showing determination and resilience and working closely with their teachers to try to be the best that they can be.


The percentage of pupils at the expected standard for the end of year 6:

Reading : 63%   Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: 86%     Writing: 71%     Maths : 69%


For your information, the national figures for the percentage of pupils attaining the expected standard are: Reading : 66%   Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: 72%     Writing: 74%     Maths : 70%





If you are planning to have your child’s ears pierced over the summer holiday, please can this be done in the first week of the holiday to ensure that when they return to school the ear-rings can be removed for PE (which is a health and safety requirement)




School Uniform consists of:

Red jumper/sweatshirts or cardigan

A white shirt or polo shirt

Black trousers/skirt

Black school shoes


For PE:

A plain white T-shirt (without a logo)

A pair of black shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms

Trainers for outdoor lessons, with black pumps for indoor PE


School uniform should be labelled with the child’s name and class




Fund Raising for our Gambian Project                                                                                                                          

Below is a summary of monies raised so far for our Gambian Project:

Money raised for Gambia Fund so far:

£413.10         Dressing up Day

£90.90        Year 6 Toast

£51.25         Reception Cake Sale

£64.50        Year 6 Toast 14.4.16

£112.52          Nursery Danceathan

£63.02        Y6 Toast on Gambia Day

£611.00        Dressing up for Gambia Day + Face painting

£33.21        Guess the Sweets – Year 4

£440.24        Admin Cake Sale

£20.45       5Br Loom Bands

£79.58       Year 3 Cake Sale 18.5.16

£39.20        5Be Sweets in Jar 24.5.16

£18.25       5R Loom Bands

£2.80      Y4 Child – Loom Bands

£58.93       6S’s toast 26.5.16

£194.15        Euro Football Dressing up Day 25.6.16

£86.90       Raffle Tickets sold so far 30.6.16

£20.83        3E’s Penny Pot

£117.86       England Game Dressing up Afternoon 16.6.16

£19.41       Miscellaneous money given for Gambia

£86.21 Y2’s Cake Sale so far wc 27.6.16

£13.09           Y1 guess the sweets

£60.00           Donation from Friends of Park Hill

£22.80           Year 1 Gambia

£28.20           Year 2 guess the sweets

£11.00           Year 4 Spellathon so far

£141.67         Tip top money so far

£54.50           Year 5 Lemonade

Total so far      £2,955.52



School closure due to poor weather conditions

As always, we will endeavour to keep the school open if we can when it snows. However, if the school is closed due to extreme   weather, please listen out for radio announcements on BBC WM, Heart FM and Free   radio. A list will be published on the internet on the council’s website. A text will also be sent out to parents. Please ensure that your contact details at the school are up to date.




 SAFEGUARDING : late collection of children

If a child is collected late, parents are currently asked to sign the late collection book. We appreciate that families may face an emergency and the vast majority of parents contact us to inform us on the rare occasion when they have to  organise late collection or if someone else is coming to collect their child(ren).  However, there are some children who are consistently collected late where this is a cause of concern for us in terms of safeguarding.

When a child is uncollected from school or from another activity, the safety and welfare of the child will be the paramount consideration in determining appropriate action.


New guidance has been issued by the Safeguarding team at Birmingham City council which outlines the procedures for schools when children are collected late without notice from parents:

  • The school will phone you and then any emergency contacts you have given (if we cannot reach you) to find out why a child has not been collected.
  • If no-one can be reached, the school will call a Social worker at the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and social services will then try to reach the family.
  • The school will call MASH if children have not been collected by 4.15pm (or at 4.45pm if they were at an after-school club).
  • If MASH cannot contact the family, safeguarding procedures will be followed by social services.


You may have a copy of the guidance ‘Emergency procedures when a child is not collected’ from the school office if you wish.




New Free Mental Health Drop in Service  : PAUSE

It provides support, care and treatment for anyone who need to talk about anxiety, stress or depression.

Þ Located at 21 Digbeth Birmingham, B5 6BJ

Þ Open Monday to Friday from12pm-6pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm.

Þ Friendly place for providing advice and support

Þ Brief therapeutic and counselling interventions

Þ Guided self help

Þ Support self-help

Þ 1:1 and group support and workshops





Fund Raising for School in Gambia

Over the next few months, we are going to embark on a whole school effort to raise money for a school in Banjul, Gambia. This small school was originally set up by Hamstead Hall School in Handsworth. However, for the past few years, Solihull Sixth Form      College have also visited it with their students and raised money to support it – and it is in conjunction with this college that we are aiming to raise money. Students from the Sixth Form College will be visiting the school in The Gambia in late November of this year and they will arrange the handing over of all the funds which we raise and send photographs to us to show us the   difference we make. There are 60+ children in a class and there is a large waiting list of children who want to attend the school but they do not have room for them. Whilst the Sixth Form is helping to fund the construction of two new classrooms to fill that demand, we at Park Hill are aiming to raise money for classroom resources, including books, paper, pencils and pens, which are in very short supply.

I am sure you will agree this is a worthwhile project for us to get involved in as it will be a good experience for our children to be finding out more about children from a different country and culture and less fortunate than most of us. We are intending to run several whole school fund raising events but each year group will also be organising their own events before the end of the         academic year as we intend to raise as much money as possible so we really make a difference.

To get our fund raising started, we would like to request that all children who dress up for World Book Day donate £1. It would be fantastic if we could this project started with a bang!







News from Highbury Orchard Community

Our outdoor family sessions start from Wednesday13th January onwards. Families with unders 5s are welcome to join the Down-to-Earth group, every Wednesday 1:30 -3:00. And for 5-8s,Woodland Play after-school club runs Wednesdays 3:45 – 5:00. Our theme at the Wednesday club this half term is WATER – everything from building a play boat to watery paintings to planting willow. The park is very water-logged at the moment, so warm clothes and wellies are a must, and waterproof trousers are bonus for warmth as well as protection. Each session costs £3 per child, with concessions for family groups. We always meet at Highbury Park play area. On 17th January 3PM we have our fun annual Wassail Trail to bless the apples trees in the park. It starts from the play area, and finishes with warm drinks and cake at Four Seasons Garden Project. Please bring noise-makers, and a torch to see your way home.







Roger Godsiff visited Park Hill School on Thursday 26th November  he will be speaking to the school councillors


Roger Godsiff

Roger Godsiff greeted by Melyssa and Armani year 6

Roger Godsiff

Roger Godsiff meeting the School Councillors






A Group of  International visitors came to the school on Monday 9th November to see the work we have done as part of the Health for Life Scheme which the school participate in.



Sandeep Rauglis, Yvonne Zeltuer, Sandra Passmore,

Louise Foreman, Rolond Schoech and Piotr Jackewski





School Meals

Weekly dinner money  is £10.25 per week and this needs to be paid every Monday morning in an envelope with your child’s name on. May

we also remind you that all dinner monies must be paid in advance and not in arrears. 


Events for parents in the Community Hub

Stay and Play     Tuesday, from 9am to 11am.

Friends of Park Hill   Friday  9-10.30am.



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