Reception 2014-15

Ashend Farm

We all had a wonderful day at the farm, we particularly enjoyed feeding the animals.



Making pancakes in Reception




Reception Inspire Workshop Monday 2nd March 2015

Parents Comments

I enjoyed today’s workshop very much. I love working with my child, and to see how he’s getting on. I am very proud. Thank you

The Phonics element of the workshop was very good. My son participated fully – The growing exercise with the cress, soil and cotton was informative and write dance excellent.

Very nice and pleased to work with my child I like the communication with staff

Had a great morning being able to understand what my son is learning at school. It was fun to spend time at school doing an activity with him. Look forward to next workshop.


Foundation Stage Parent Questionnaire

What workshops would you like in the future the results are as follows

In Reception we have been reading the story of the Gingerbread Man and we made our own gingerbread men and ate them. Yummy!

If you want to make your own here is the recipe:-

1 1/3 cups of plain flour 1 tsp. baking powder 2 tsp. ginger 3 tbsp. brown sugar

3 tbsp. golden syrup 5 tbsp. margarine.

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Phonics and early reading workshop for parents of children in Reception on Wednesday 5th November starting at 9am

“Wonderful workshop about understanding and teaching my child how to read. I have learnt something new also”.

“Need to have more workshops so we can help more at home, I found it tough at school myself. This workshop was fantastic”.

“Thank you—it was really beneficial for me to know how to best help my kids to read”.

“A brilliant workshop — I really love the way children learn phonics and how it helps them to read. My older daughter is now in year 2 and she is reading independently. Some very good tips on how to blend sounds at home”.

“Todays workshop was very useful, thank you!”

“The workshop helped me to understand more about the sounds my daughters talks about when she comes home”.

“I very happy I came today I enjoyed the reading workshop”.

“Very pleasant to be here and find out lots of ideas on how to help my child with phonics and reading”.

“Today has been very helpful and now I understand phonics and the sounds. I will now help my child with the phonics. It was a good workshop and very helpful”.

“The parents workshop was fantastic it really showed me how much hard work is put in by the staff in teaching my child to learn. Great insight into how I can also help my child to learn at home. Look forward to next one”

“Very good to hear what is going on in class so we as parents can help our children’s development”.

“I really learnt something today I didn’t know how to teach my son phonics but I do now!”

“Very useful workshop as phonics does not come naturally even to parents, great refresher and very useful”

What a fantastic start to the school year!

The children have settled so quickly, we are extremely proud of them all.

The children have been learning about the meaning of Harvest festival. We went to the school field to see if the crops planted in the spring were ready to harvest. We will be harvesting them with our environment club.

Our Families have been collecting food for our local food bank

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Black History Week

We have been celebrating Black History week with Millie the drumming who came into school. We learnt about the name of some instruments. Did you know they are made from dried fruit?



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